02 October 2012 – EPSRC Awards £4.2 Million Grant

10 March 2012

Stirling Dynamics would like to congratulate the University of Bristol on being awarded a grant to create new nonlinear dynamics design tools for engineering structures. Bristol University will be leading the programme in collaboration with the Universities of Cambridge, Sheffield, Southampton and Swansea. The £4.2 million programme has been awarded by the EPSRC, which is the main UK government agency for funding research and training in engineering and the physical sciences. Stirling supported the application to the EPSRC, in the form of a letter of support, and will act as a partner on the programme. We look forward to working with all the university partners as the project develops.

Other partners supporting the research team include Airbus UK, EDF Energy and Rolls Royce. The research team will be led by David Wagg, Professor of Structural Dynamics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol and will work towards creating a step change in the understanding and exploitation of nonlinearity in structural dynamic systems. On winning the grant, Stirling’s Research and Development Manager, Dr. Simon Hancock stated that: “Stirling is acutely aware of the effects of nonlinearity in design and analysis. In the design stages, a lack of understanding of the true underlying nonlinearities of a system can lead to over-conservatism and hence heavier, more expensive structures. Stirling has a strong background in aircraft structures and systems engineering and is committed to developing innovative products and continually improving the knowledge and skills of its staff in this area and we feel that the proposed research activities would provide a valuable contribution to the fields in which we work.”

For more information on the grant award, please visit the Science City Bristol website or University of Bristol website