10 February 2012 – Stirling Dynamics Wins Wildcat Replica Seat Order From Indra

2 November 2012

Indra has awarded a contract to Stirling for the design and development of replica seats for the AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopter simulators to be supplied to AgustaWestland. Stirling will provide state-of-the-art motion cueing technology for two Full Mission Simulators (FMS) and a Flight Training Device (FTD). The seats will simulate the onset of forces associated with various stages of helicopter flight, including the motion cues for surge, sway, heave, buffeting and harness tensioning. All devices will be capable of delivering Army or Royal Navy conversion and mission training. Brian Stockford, Business Manager for Stirling Dynamics said; “I believe what sets Stirling apart from our competitors is an ability to be highly reactive, and to provide our customers with cutting edge technology and hands-on support at the right price. This winning strategy is increasingly recognised by progressive companies like INDRA and we are looking forward to working with them on the Wildcat program.”

The simulators will be operational and in service to provide training for the Army from early 2013, and for the Royal Navy from early 2014. The devices will be installed in the Training Centre at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, which AgustaWestland is under contract to build. RNAS Yeovilton will be the home for Army and Navy Wildcat squadrons when they enter service. For more information on Stirling’s motion cueing technology, click here.