Stirling Attends New Concepts Workshop At The University Of Washington

19 April 2012

Between the 19th- 20th April Stirling’s Dr. Simon Hancock, Research and Development Manager and Hisako Yamashiro, will be attending a “New Concepts for Active Materials, Actuators and Bioinspired Sensing-Actuation Control workshop” at the University of Washington. This workshop will be looking at the natural world, specifically examining mechanisms of large shape changes and bearing force in active materials and cohesive sensing-diagnosis-actuation algorithm associated in biological species, and looking at how to transform them into human-made active materials and actuators with possible applications to future airborne technologies. The resulting discussions promise to be both interesting and lively.

On the event, Dr. Simon Hancock stated that: “The concepts presented at the workshop are very much related to Stirling’s interests in lightweight, fast-acting actuators, in connection with our ongoing research into novel aircraft load alleviation systems and also potentially for future developments in our active inceptor technology”.