3rd Annual DiPaRT Loads & Aeroelastics Meeting

13 December 2012

The third Annual DiPaRT Loads and Aeroelastics meeting was held at the Advanced Simulation and Research Centre in Bristol on December 13th 2012. This year’s event was the busiest to date, attended by industry experts, leading university academics and students alike, all with a keen interest in the latest Loads and Aeroelastics research. The main objectives of this year’s meeting were to share Airbus Flight Physics’ strategic R&T aspirations in the fields of Loads and Aeroelastics and Aero-technologies; identify current UK R&T programmes and identify new R&T opportunities. A number of presentations were given on the following topics:

Multi-Disciplinary L&A Optimised Aircraft

Active Aeroelasticity and Loads Control

Advanced Modelling and Simulation

Management of Uncertainty

Load Monitoring

Optimized/Virtual Testing

DiPaRT members were invited to submit presentation content earlier in the year, and many interesting topics were presented and discussed; the event also provided fantastic networking opportunities for attendees. On the Event, Tom Wilson, Transnational Head of Aircraft Ground Loads, Airbus, commented:”I am delighted that the DiPaRT Loads and Aeroelastics ‘mini-conference’ has become an established event, which seems to be equally appreciated by both academia and Airbus / Stirling Dynamics. The work presented in December was of real interest and we look forward to following through in 2013 to provide assistance to a number of projects in several universities.”