12 January 2018

Stirling Dynamics is proud to announce that we have been selected to support the Precision Aircraft Solutions modification of the A321-200 passenger aircraft to a freighter variant. The freighter will have the designation A321-200PCF and offers maximised payload capabilities, along with enhanced efficiency and operating life. The certification basis has been agreed with the FAA under a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), and will also be validated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The A321-200PCF offers a unique modification to meet the demanding needs of today’s high value, time-sensitive, cargo operator requirements and compliments other fleet modifications delivered by Precision.

Stirling has a long history of support for both new build and aircraft modification will contribute to the modification of various critical systems. With the delivery of the first conversion expected in early 2019 Stirling will also play a valuable role in providing this critical analysis for airworthiness clearance of the modified airframe.

Commenting on this milestone, Stirling’s Head of Business, Bandula Pathinayake said: “Precision have established themselves as a world leader in aircraft passenger to freighter conversion programmes and we are immensely proud to have been selected to support them. The individuals working on this project have been carefully selected by Precision with the best in class capability to ensure that this modification of the first advanced fly-by-wire airliner is successful.  The conversion to freighters offers the ageing fleet a new lease of life which is something we very much endorse in Stirling.”

For more information on this modification, visit: www.precisionaircraft.com/a321