Company President Receives RAeS Fellowship

25 September 2013

Stirling Dynamics would like to congratulate our Founder and Company President, Dr. Robert Stirling, on becoming a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society. Bob was invited by the RAeS early this year to become a Fellow of the Society – in these special cases the Society’s President is empowered to invite senior members of the Aerospace community directly to become Fellows, without the need to be involved in the initiating process and routine procedures associated with membership applications.

As a well-respected and active member of the aerospace community, Bob is a natural fit for this fellowship status. Bob’s career started in 1957 when he began an aircraft engineering apprenticeship with A.V. Roe & Co (Avro) in Manchester. From there he has worked for major aerospace companies in the UK, Canada and the USA, including (using present-day company names) BAE Systems, Bombardier, Boeing, and Airbus, and has held academic positions as Lecturer and Research Fellow in the University Of Bristol Department Of Aerospace Engineering. His aircraft engineering expertise lies in the analysis, modelling and simulation of flight control systems and actuation systems, specialising in integrated aeroservoelastic analysis for commercial and military aircraft.

On his new status as a Fellow of the RAeS, Bob commented: “I’m pleased and honoured to have been invited by Jenny Body, the RAeS President, to become a Fellow of the Society. The RAeS is the professional, global organisation representing aerospace and aeronautics with a long heritage of promoting and supporting our industry. A good part of this fellowship invitation is due of the achievements of Stirling Dynamics and its people, so I thank them all for this. In a small but growing way, Stirling Dynamics is establishing its own position in the present UK aerospace community.”