Local MP for Bristol West Visits Stirling Office

17 August 2012

MP for Bristol West, Stephen Williams, paid a visit to our Regent Street office in Clifton, for some hands-on experience of the flight controls used in the world’s most advanced fast jet simulators. Stirling makes the ‘sticks and throttles’ used to teach military pilots how to fly the world’s latest fast jet – the Lockheed Martin JSF F-35. These active hand controllers are made on site in Stirling’s Regent Street workshop and mimic the look and feel of real aircraft flight controls.

The visit gave Mr Williams the opportunity to directly see some of the cutting edge technologies and projects we are currently involved in. After the demonstration, Mr Williams was given a tour of our facilities, where he met with staff and was able to get his hands dirty in the workshop. It was in the workshop where he got to see our engineers testing another Stirling product, our G Seat, which is again used in pilot training.

Commenting on his visit Stephen said “Stirling Dynamics have been operating in my constituency for many years now I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit their offices in Clifton. After years of manufacturing decline, Stirling Dynamics are a welcome source of employment in the aerospace industry. By securing support for our creative industries and getting investment in new technologies, we should be encouraging more people to move into technical employment and gain practical skills. This is vital to help the UK’s long-term economic recovery.”

The tour concluded with a discussion on topics centred on innovation and the future of the UK’s aerospace sector. Stirling’s roots are firmly based in research and development and with the big push the government is giving to advance aerospace design and manufacturing capabilities in the UK; the MP’s visit couldn’t have come at a better time! Of the visit, company president Bob Stirling said: “Stirling Dynamics has seen tremendous growth in the last five years, despite the challenging current economic climate. We have grown to become one of the largest employers in the Clifton area and were delighted to show off our innovative technology and manufacturing capabilities to Mr Williams”.