SAE International Wright Brothers Medal Award Winners

20 August 2013

We are pleased to announce that a paper, which was co-written by Airbus Operations Ltd and Stirling Dynamics Engineers entitled “Mathematical Model of Water Contamination in Aircraft Fuel Tanks”, has been selected to win the SAE International Wright Brothers Medal Award for 2011. The Wright Brothers Medal is awarded to the author of the best paper relating to the invention, development, design, construction or operation of an aircraft and/or spacecraft and which has been presented at an SAE International meeting. The award has been in existence since 1927 and considers “the value of the author’s contribution to the state-of -the-art in the furtherance of flight technology whether it pertains to aircraft or spacecraft systems or their parts, components, subsystems or accessories.” As a result of the win, the co-authors, Dr. Steve Tomlinson, Dr. Luke Hickson (Stirling Dynamics), Dr. Matt Barker (Stirling Dynamics), Dr. Darran Venn (Stirling Dynamics) and Dr. Joseph Kah-Wah Lam (Airbus), have been invited to receive the award at a ceremony in September 2013 at the Palais des conges de Montreal, in Canada.

The paper compliments work conducted on an Airbus Fuel R&T project – NEPTUNE – a water accumulation tool, which simulates the transportation of water through a fuel system and is used to develop water management strategies. The presence of water in aircraft fuel leads to problems with icing, gauging, corrosion and microbial contamination. The ultimate aim of the project is to improve the efficiency of aircraft water management systems and to maximise the overall fuel system’s performance. The NEPTUNE project has received a huge amount of recognition over recent months and is a perfect example of the innovative work Stirling continues to be a part of. For more information: