LIMA 2017

23 March 2017

Stirling’s Business Development Director, Andrew Pfeil, and R&D Manager, Simon Hancock, have been in Malaysia this week for the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA 2017). LIMA is the largest show of its kind in the Asia Pacific region and is strongly supported by industry, senior Government officials, military and civil delegations. The 2017 event promised to be the biggest so far with 555 exhibitors from 36 countries taking part with a total of 101 aircraft and 61 ships and boats on aerial and static displays.

This is┬áStirling’s first visit to the event continuing its development in the region. In recent years, Stirling has been successful in working with companies to support the development of indigenous aerospace industries. In addition to our technical expertise, this success is also attributed to respecting the differences in international cultures and recognising that every organisation has their own preferred way of working. Our flexible contracting models, coupled with cultural awareness, ensures that customer satisfaction is achieved throughout the project lifecycle. With support on this trip from various international trade agencies, we’re looking forward to playing a part in the growth of the Malaysian aerospace community in the future.