Stirling Holds Intellectual Property Lecture at the University of Bath

18 February 2014

Stirling’s Reasearch and Development Manager, Dr. Simon Hancock, today held a lecture on Intellectual Property (IP) for the second year in a row at the University of Bath. The lecture covered the uses and management of Intellectual Property as an integral part of business strategy. The students attending the lecture were from a variety of courses including Innovation & Technology Management Msc (Master of Science degree), which aims to combine management with engineering.

Dr. Hancock’s lecture came as part of the Commercialisation of New Technology course where students in groups are asked to develop a plan for a new product and devise how they would choose to commercialise it. Dr. Hancock drew on experience from Stirling to explain intellectual property and the opportunities and pitfalls in protecting it. He explained that as an SME, intellectual property becomes an even more complicated process then simply filing for a patent. He gave reasons why considering other options could be more useful and form an vital part of their future business strategies.

Dr. Simon Hancock (from Stirling Dynamics) with Dr. Michael Lewis (From the University of Bath)