Stirling Presents Modelling and Simulation of Fluid Systems in the Aerospace Supply Chain at IMA Conference

15 September 2014

On the 12th September 2014, Stirling’s Dr. Matthew Barker presented at the IMA (Institute of Mathematics and its Applications) Conference on Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Systems. The topic of Dr. Barker’s presentation was Modelling and Simulation of Fluid Systems in the Aerospace Supply Chain, which provided an overview of typical modelling and simulation activities performed by Stirling. This overview was then followed by two case studies – the first, a primary flight control actuation for a UAV, and the second, accumulation and transportation of water in aircraft fuel systems. Over the years, Stirling’s fluid systems modelling capability has typically embraced flight control systems, landing gear systems and fuel systems.

This was the first IMA Conference on Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Systems, and took place at Engineers’ House in Bristol. The conference highlighted that as the most versatile medium for transmitting signals and power, fluids (gas or liquid) have wide usage in industry. Fluid systems are used in machine tool applications, vehicle control systems and where high power to weight ratio, accuracy and quick response are required. Fluid systems for industrial processes often involve networks consisting of tanks, pipes, orifices, valves, pumps and other flow devices. It is important to develop a systematic method to mathematically model different types of fluid systems for safe and optimal operations. The conference topics included:

Analysis and computational methods of fluid systems

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach to engineering systems

Fluid power systems

Multiphase flow

Modelling and design of fluid system components

Control design methodologies and techniques for fluid systems and applications

Novel fluid system configurations

New approaches to system modelling and system design

Pressure surge

Hydraulic systems

Medical applications

Dr. Barker was invited to speak at the event based on the suggestion of the conference organising committee. Other organisations represented at the event included – Cobham Mission Equipment, Airbus Group Innovations, University of Bristol, Imperial College London and Rolls Royce plc.

On attending the conference, Dr. Barker commented: “I was delighted to be invited to give a talk at the first IMA Fluid Systems conference. The sessions covered a range of fluid systems topics from both academic and industrial perspectives, with presentations leading naturally into discussions amongst the group. It’s useful for Stirling to remain abreast of developments as well as promote the interesting and successful projects we have undertaken – such conferences are perfect for this.”

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