Stirling Re-aligns its US Operations

23 December 2014

Following the exciting developments at the end of 2014 with Enact’s significant investment Stirling’s UK business, Stirling’s UK and US entities are now to restructure to improve service delivery and aid market growth. Stirling Dynamics’ Orlando operation comes under the full ownership of Stirling UK and will continue to operate under the Stirling Dynamics brand focussing on the delivery and support of Stirling UK’s core capabilities, in particular supporting the growing level of equipment in-service with its US customers.

Stirling Dynamics’ Seattle operation is rebranding as SDI Engineering and will focus on broadening the provision of key aerospace service capabilities. SDI Engineering will be independent from the UK and Orlando based operations and will continue under the leadership of VP Dennis Messenger. The reorganisation will complete by 1st February 2015.