Supporting Virtual Work Shadowing Day

virtual work shadowing

23 July 2020

On the 15th July, Stirling Dynamics took part in the Women’s Engineering Society’s (WES) virtual work shadowing day 2020. Organised by the society’s London Cluster, the annual event provides an opportunity for women aged 16+ who are interested in a career in engineering to visit an engineering workplace. This year’s event was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stirling Dynamics has been a corporate partner of WES since 2019 and this is the first time that the organisation has been involved in the organisation’s work shadowing initiative. On the company’s participation Stirling’s HR Manager, Natasha Storey, commented: “The decision to take part in the virtual event was easy for us, we fully support the WES ethos and jumped at the opportunity to introduce engineering as a career to a new generation of women.”

Stirling hosted three students for the day and created a full schedule of virtual presentations and interactive sessions, allowing the students plenty of opportunities to ask any questions. To kick-off the day, Stirling’s Business Unit Director, Dan Clark, provided an introduction to the organisation, outlining the various business units and the history of the company. This was followed by a presentation from Stirling’s Head of Engineering, Trajan Seymour, who highlighted the work Stirling typically gets involved with and the company’s specialist areas of expertise. The students were then tasked with learning about one of these specialist areas and provided with a project outline. The students were tasked with preparing individual presentations covering a topic they had learned about over the course of the day and were fully supported by Stirling engineering project leads.

Stirling also hosted a female engineering panel, allowing the students to network with female engineers working within Stirling and Expleo, Stirling’s parent organisation. This also provided a forum for the students to ask the panel questions and discuss the field of engineering from a female perspective.

Commenting on her experience of the day, Mechanical Engineering Student, Ameerah Nehor, said: “The female panel gave me more confidence to take on a role in a male-dominated field and demonstrated how experts in various fields such as sound engineering, are useful within the aerospace and marine sectors. I also learned how essential simplification is before building complexity when effectively problem-solving. The whole day left me excited and prepared to take on fascinating projects of my own and consider aerospace as a potential career pathway. ”

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