Stirling to Present at UDT 2014 (Undersea Defence and Security)

6 June 2014

Stirling Dynamics’ Control Technologies Business Manager, Ross Mansfield and Senior Engineer, Dr. Nathan Thomas, will be attending the Global Event for Undersea Defence and Security (UDT) 2014. Beginning on Tuesday the 10th of June at the Arena and Conference Centre in Liverpool, the event is a global conference showcasing cutting edge technologies that have been developed to be used under harsh deep sea conditions. Top experts from the military, academia and industry will be discussing the latest innovative solutions and opportunities in presentations spanning over two days.

Stirling’s Dr. Nathan Thomas will be presenting a paper entitled “Full Authority Submarine Control Using A Model Predictive Control Algorithm”. This paper goes into further detail, explaining the benefits of the new FASC system. The research and development of the new submarine steering and diving systems is funded by the Technology Strategy Board. FASC has been developed to combine Stirling’s proven Active Control Technology from the fly-by-wire aircraft industry with extensive experience in producing submarine autopilot and hover control software. It allows for control of the trim and compensation system, hover system and hydroplanes with an active-feedback stick. This novel technology grants the ability for one control across all speed ranges rather than the traditional method with two separate controllers for lower and higher speeds. Nathan will explain the benefits of such a system for autonomous performance as well as safety on Thursday, June 12th at the Submarine and AUV Command and Control session, between 11:00am and 12:30pm.