31 May 2013

Stirling Dynamics is pleased to announce that our recent application for funding from the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, through their Smart scheme, has been successful. This is fantastic news, as the funding will be used to support our Full Authority Submarine Control (FASC) concept development. FASC is a new concept for Submarine steering and diving systems, which combines Stirling’s proven Active Control technology from the fly-by-wire aircraft industry, with Stirling’s extensive experience in producing submarine autopilot and hover control software. This results in an integrated method of control which encompasses all steering and diving control requirements for the entire speed range of the submarine. FASC is a single unit comprising an active force-feedback side-stick and software algorithms which optimally controls the trim and compensation system, hover system and hydroplanes appropriately, across the entire speed range.

The Technology Strategy Board’s Smart scheme (previously known as Grant for Research and Development) offers funding to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to engage in R&D projects in the strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology, from which successful new products, processes and services can emerge. Stirling’s Research and Development Manager, Dr. Simon Hancock said of the award win: “We are delighted to have won funding for this research through the Smart scheme. We believe that the technology we are developing through FASC will be a big step up in capability for future submarine control systems and is also essential in maintaining Stirling’s position as a leader in this field”

Stirling’s roots are firmly based in leading research activities and strongly believe that driving innovation leads to economic growth.