The 4th Annual DiPaRT Loads & Aeroelastics Meeting

4 February 2014

The 4th Annual DiPaRT meeting was held at the Advanced Simulation and Research’s new home on the Bristol & Science Park on November 25th to 27th2013. This was the biggest DiPaRT event to date with 125 attendees representing 42 organisations and 53 presentations.

The first afternoon was dedicated to a series of keynote lectures by senior representatives from the aerospace industry, giving their views on the current state of aerospace research in the UK and visions for future developments. The presentations were:

‘The evolution of aerodynamics capability; The power of collaborative research in the UK’ – Behrooz Barzegar, VP Flight Physics

Integration, Policy & Development, Airbus (DiPaRT-13 Keynote Address)

‘Aerodynamics research supporting the wing of the future’ – Frank Ogilvie, Chief Aerodynamicist, UKAC

‘Powering the Wing of the Future – Challenges and opportunities’- Jackie Wildhaber, Assistant Chief Engineer Applied R&T, Rolls Royce

‘Aerodynamics research support in the EU Horizon 2020 Programme’ – Ray Kingcombe, Head of Technology in Aerospace Marine & Defence Unit, BIS

‘The UK Aerospace Growth Partnership – rationale and achievements’ – Sameer Savani, Technology Advisor, ADS

The evening was concluded by a lecture from Prof Oubay Hassan, MBE (Swansea University) on the Bloodhound project, followed by a drink reception kindly sponsored by ARA and EADS Innovation Works.

On the second day, the format was modified from previous years by integrating the Loads & Aeroelastics content with that from Aero-Technologies in order to generate interaction and discussion between the various disciplines. The technical presentations were divided into the following subject areas:

Flow Simulation & Uncertainty Modelling

Multidisciplinary Analysis & Optimisation (Overall Aircraft Design & Aerodynamics)

Wind Tunnel Technologies & Flow Control

Loads & Aeroelastics Advanced Modelling & Simulation

Active Loads & Aeroelastic Control

On the third day we introduced a specialist area, Ground Dynamics. This specialist workshop was set up in order to bring together the academic and industrial expertise across the areas of ground loads and landing gear systems, and particularly to draw on the experience of those academic institutions with a background in the automotive sector. In addition to an industrial perspective from Airbus and Stirling Dynamics, there were contributions from 7 universities and two software vendors.