WheelTug E-taxi System

23 March 2017

Stirling Dynamics would like to congratulate WheelTug Limited on the news that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the certification plans for the installation of their innovative WheelTug® electric drive system for Boeing 737NG aircraft. This is a key milestone for the company and a major step forward in achieving certification for the system. This news is especially meaningful to Stirling as we were instrumental in defining the certification plans for airworthiness clearance for both the landing gear and airframe.

The WheelTug system is a unique and disruptive technology, which consists of a nose wheel mounted motor and drive, powered by the aircraft’s Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), aims to save time, engine life and fuel use resulting in reduced emissions and significant cost savings for aircraft operators.

Achieving this major milestone means that WheelTug is on target for their system to be available for the Boeing 737NG family of aircraft and entry into service is expected in late 2018. Stirling will play a key role in providing certification analysis for airworthiness clearance of the modified landing gear and the airframe. Versions for other aircraft types are also planned.

Commenting on this milestone, Stirling’s ATS Business Manager, Bandula Pathinayake said: “I would personally like to congratulate WheelTug on the news that the FAA has accepted the certification plans for the WheelTug system for the 737NG aircraft. We are proud to work on this innovative technology with the WheelTug team, who are truly passionate about their system. We very much look forward to seeing the technology adopted throughout the aviation industry, revolutionising how aircraft taxi.”

To find out more about the WheelTug system visit: http://www.wheeltug.com/