A U209 steering stand refit project

Stirling autopilot software is currently installed on six different classes of submarine in a variety of different configurations and is in-service with many different navies across the globe.

A typical example is the autopilot software for a U209 steering stand refit project for Raytheon Anschütz for the Indian Navy. We were involved throughout the complete project lifecycle, and provided support during the initial project stages, undertaking system identification sea trials to determine the boat dynamic characteristics. These trials were necessary in the absence of the specific manufacturer’s data that would be used with boat equations of motion and coefficients, effectively “reverse-engineering” the boat model.

We were able to design the course and depth autopilot, out-of-trim estimation and forward prediction algorithms and test these systems through sea trials and acceptance tests.

Over the duration of these projects, we have developed long-term relationships with key shipbuilders, first tier suppliers and navies. We are experienced in performing within an integrated project team environment and providing close support to the customer throughout the project, acting as an intelligent supplier while continuing to consider the wider scope of the programme.