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Supporting aircraft modification programmes


Aircraft modifications can range from the replacement or addition of components or flight bag contents to complex physical changes to the airframe structure. Many of these changes require detailed analysis of the proposed modifications and the presentation of evidence to the certification authorities in order to receive airworthiness clearance.

The modification programmes that we can support include passenger-to-freighter conversions, integration of new stores, new landing gear, aerodynamic shape changes, structural and equipment modifications.

Stirling Dynamics is an EASA Part 21J Design Organisation, approval number EASA.21J.807.

Reverse Engineering

Modification programmes are often initiated with little or no OEM aircraft data. In these circumstances, Stirling's engineering team are able to use reverse engineering methods to construct data sets required for the generation of engineering models. These models are matched and validated against physical test measurements.

Flight and ground simulations are carried out to meet the relevant certification requirements, for such aspects as loads, aeroelastics or aerodynamic performance. Analysis data is also used by the design team, who use it when designing the modifications to the aircraft. The loads, aeroelastic and aerodynamic performance work carried out is an important stage in progressing the modification design.

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