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Industry-leading cockpit control design 


We have been designing, developing and manufacturing cutting-edge pilot controls for more than three decades. With a background in military fast jet aircraft and extensive expertise in certification and airborne electronics, we can assist in the creation of flight-ready pilot controls for military, commercial, and recreational aircraft.

Our legacy in pilot controls traces back to pioneering active pilot control systems in the 1980s, and our work has evolved from flight test beds through to fully certified aircraft controls.

Today, we leverage this world-leading capability to develop passive pilot controls for all aircraft types, whether rotary, fixed wing or eVTOL, prioritising minimisation of envelope and weight reduction but with enhanced reliability.

We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of your aircraft development program. This includes providing specialised guidance from project inception to the derivation of equipment-level requirements, all the way through manufacturing and ongoing in-service support.

We also have experience of designing and manufacturing active controls in collaboration with industrial partners, ensuring compliance with certification standards for flight.

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Flight controls for fixed wing, rotary wing and eVTOL

Through our expert guidance and agile approach, we support customers with their programme requirements, including their inceptor design, development and testing. 

Drawing on our decades of experience in actuation and control engineering across a range of different platforms - including fixed and rotary wing - we offer exceptional breadth of knowledge for the effective development and optimisation of airworthy cockpit controls, including for eVTOL applications.

Recently we have been working extensively with a number of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) organisations and provide engineering expertise throughout the lifecycle of these programmes, from development through to production. 

Our exposure to a broad range of programmes and vehicles, allows us to think critically when devising control solutions for our customers.

Flightworthy inceptors applications

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