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Developing Zero-Emission Aviation Technology with Hanwha

Bristol, UK, 20 March, 2023. Stirling Dynamics, part of engineering, technology and consultancy provider Expleo, has announced a partnership with Hanwha Aerospace, to develop new technology that will help power the future of zero-emission aviation.

The companies are working on a core component for Vertical Aerospace’s VX4 – an electric ‘air taxi’ with a 100-mile range, that is set to revolutionise the aviation industry as the first commercial aircraft to achieve a zero-carbon footprint.

Stirling Dynamics and Hanwha Aerospace are designing and manufacturing electro-mechanical actuators (EMA) for the VX4, key components in the vehicle’s ability to hover, take-off and land vertically, which is central to operating in urban areas.

The advanced EMA solution, currently in development, removes the need for hydraulic or pneumatic systems on the aircraft, helping to optimise the VX4’s performance.

Commenting on the partnership, Stirling Dynamics’ Vice President, Bandula Pathinayake, said: “We are pleased to continue our collaboration with Hanwha Aerospace as we combine our technological expertise to drive EMA development for Vertical Aerospace. Our work on EMAs reflects the industry’s shift towards electrification and its sustainable vision for the future of flight.”

Jeff Hoyle, EVP Aero, Space and Defence, Expleo, said:

The technology we are developing not only meets the airworthiness certification required for eVTOL aircraft, but ensures a cleaner and greener future for our industry. We’re excited to be playing our part in transforming the way in which we travel.

The programme represents a multi-million pound investment over a number of years and will see Stirling Dynamics and Hanwha Aerospace designing the EMA, and providing manufacturing expertise and capability.

Stirling Dynamics and Hanwha Aerospace have worked together since 2016, and recently signed a strategic alliance agreement in 2022, in support of their EMA work together.

The relationship is a winning combination to support Vertical Aerospace with a highly cost-effective solution to EMA development.

John Ohm, Senior Business Development Manager, Hanwha Aerospace, said:

We are pleased to partner with Stirling Dynamics and recognise the company’s well-established reputation for delivering high-quality engineering capability, within the aerospace development sector. Together, we will help our clients progress towards greater sustainability in aviation by developing new technology that makes electricity a viable power source for commercial aviation.


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