Supporting complex programmes in the
aerospace and marine sectors.

Unrivalled expertise and consultancy services

We have been providing innovative systems design and integration services for 30 years to the world’s foremost organisations whether they be primes or equipment suppliers.

Stirling provides high-end engineering and consultancy services which support complex design, development and manufacturing programmes in the aerospace and marine industries – including those with demanding safety-critical requirements.

Offering programme support and knowledge/technology transfer

Around the world, many countries are looking to develop and grow their own indigenous aerospace and marine industries, rather than rely on overseas direct procurement. These programmes can generate many jobs and inspire the next generation of engineers to join the industry. However, the experience and expertise required to deliver these ambitions cannot be gained overnight. To get the right results, the right partner is required.

Working with Stirling brings flexibility, agility, openness, independence and a wealth of experience and expertise gained from decades working on major programmes around the world. We can provide the transfer of knowledge and technology, and the guidance required to help you deliver programmes. Our engineers are deployed all around the world and have provided direct, on-site team augmentation and knowledge transfer as far afield as Canada and Japan. Additionally, due to a very well-developed set of communication tools and reporting processes, the majority of our work can be carried out very successfully from our UK or US offices, regardless of client location. The delivery of our services, from short term to more involved programmes is achieved by employing a range of business models including on-site support, time-and-materials and fixed-price packages.


We live and breathe Aircraft Design

We have been supplying high calibre, independent and impartial, technical engineering services to the aerospace market for over 30 years. Recognised as the UK’s leading independent landing gear specialist, our expertise also extends to hydraulic systems, environmental control systems, flight control systems, and fuel systems for major aircraft programmes in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US. These services are provided for new aircraft designs, modification and conversion programmes, for both fixed and rotary wing platforms in civil and military arenas. This same expertise is also invaluable in the support of accident investigations and litigation activities. Our key strength stems from our pool of highly experienced engineers and in-house modelling and simulation toolsets.

We have a solid track record in supporting our customers in their interaction with aviation authorities including the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Aircraft we’ve worked on

The company has extensive experience of over 70 different aircraft types and has played key roles in many of the major aircraft development programmes. These programmes include the F-35 Lightning II, Airbus Single Aisle Family, Widebody Family, A350, A400M, Bombardier C-Series and Global 7000/8000, Leonardo helicopter fleet and many others, as well as supporting aircraft role-change activities and holding a unique aircraft reverse-engineering capability.


We make things swim

Since the early 1990s, Stirling has supported 10 worldwide navies in the design and testing of a wide range of submarines from the German Type U214 and other diesel electric boats, through to the UK’s Trafalgar class and the latest generation of nuclear-powered attack submarines, the Astute class.

Our specialism lies in safety-critical steering, diving control systems and state-of-the-art autopilot and hover solutions that are easy to integrate and deliver enhanced control and performance. In addition to these control systems, we have the capability to develop whole-boat simulation models to support boat systems development, performance assessments and tuning.

Boats we’ve worked with

We have supported the British Royal Navy, in addition to the Portuguese, German, Hellenic, Turkish, Israeli, Indian, South Korean, South African and Brazilian navies. Specific submarine programmes we’ve worked on include: the Astute class (autopilot and hover); Jangbogo III (autopilot and hover); U212A (autopilot); Dolphin AIP (autopilot); U209, U212, Dolphin (autopilot refit); U214 (autopilot) and S&T Class (slow speed control).